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Deadline to register in all Homecraft categories (excluding CLASS 55: Wine, Beer & Liqueur) is Friday, September 13th, 2019

Mail, email or fax entries to:

Richmond Agricultural Society, P.O. Box 1210, Richmond, Ontario K0A 2Z0;

Email: richmondfair@sympatico.ca       Fax: (613) 838-3933


A $10.00 exhibitor fee is required for all entries unless otherwise noted. The exhibitor fee must be paid with online entries, mailed or brought into the Fair Office at 6121 Perth Street prior to the entry deadline. No exhibitor will be allowed to make more than one entry in any one section. Exhibitor tags can be obtained at the fair office during business hours.


Drop off dates & times:

All items, excluding quilts, are to be dropped off on September 18 between 4-6:30pm or September 19 between 7-830am in the Curling Club. Quilt entries are to be dropped off on September 16 between 6-8:30pm or September 17 between 7-8:30am - Quilts for the 175 Quilt Display are to be dropped off in the 2nd floor of the arena; quilts for judging are to be dropped off in the 2nd floor of the Curling Club.


Homecraft Exhibits will be on display during the Fair, Thursday from 4:00 - 7:00 pm, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 am - to 8:00 pm, and Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm. The Richmond Agricultural Society will not be responsible for loss or damage to entries.The display will be closed Sunday, September 22nd, at 4:30 pm. Exhibitors with identification are able to pick up their entry from committee members when the building re-opens at 5:00 pm.  All exhibits must be picked up on Sunday, September 22nd. Any articles not picked up by Monday at 11am will be disposed of.

NOTE: Prize money will be mailed out following the Fair for all Homecraft entries. 

As applicable, Homecraft Judges use the Ontario Horticultural Association Publication #34, “Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards for Horticultural and Floral Design”, 2003 ($6.00), the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies, “Homecraft Judging Standards for Ontario Fairs”, Revised 2009 ($5.00), and the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies, “Judging Standards Handbook of Field Crops, Roots & Vegetables, Fruit, Maple Syrup and Honey”, 2003 ($5.00). These publications are available from the Homecraft Information Booth or the Fair Office.

Homecraft Department

Homecraft Executive & Committee Chairs 2019:


Homecraft Executive:

President: Sheri Kavanagh (613) 601-2296

Vice President: Marg Todd (613) 838-2356

Treasurer: Laura Boyd

Secretary: Alison Tranter


Class 50: Antiques and Collectibles: Chair: Laura Boyd (613) 806-7091, Marg Todd, Allison Todd, Courtney MacLellan, Kate Herd


Class 55: Wine, Liqueurs and Beer: Chair: Nigel Moorcroft (613) 290-2513, Vice: Laura Boyd, Rick Todd, Jim Wagdin, Allison Todd, Courtney MacLellan


Class 60: Fruits and Vegetables: Chair: Cathy Craig (613) 838-5459; Vice: Brenda Lindsay, Rita Devenny, Bev Tanner, Bill Reid, Sandi Dolman, Lynda Mulligan


Class 65: Floral: Co-Chairs: Brenda Thomas (613) 838-5441, Jennifer Dupuis (613) 601-5442; Dwight McCallum, Diane McCallum, Carol Demjan, Roelie Jackson


Class 67: Celebrate Richmond Fair 175th, Decorative Lawn Display: Chair: Carol Demjan (613) 838-9342; Vice: Laura Boyd; Robert Armstrong


Class 70: Culinary Arts: Chair: Karen Donaldson (613) 838-2259; Debbie Davis, Angie Dirienzo, Laurie Naphan, Denise Wilkes


Class 80: Arts & Handicrafts: Co-Chairs: Patty Reid Smith (613) 838-4401, Sue Dewar (613) 838-8395; Freda Dolan, Edna Monahan, Joyce Clark, Marion Jones, Lynn Jones, Peggy Fadyk, Ann Kelly


Class 90: Quilts: Co-Chairs: Alison Tranter (613) 838-5347, Sheri Kavanagh (613) 601-2296; Linda Rose Class 100: Junior Division: Chair: Sue Getty (613) 868-9012; Vice: Nadia Mills; Adeline Bugden, Robbie Judd, Annie Malfait, Courtney Moodie, Stephanie Gal


Class 101: Youth Poster Competition: Chair: Sue Getty (613) 868-9012; Vice: Nadia Mills, Adeline Bugden, Robbie Judd, Annie Malfait, Courtney Moodie, Stephanie Gal

Class 105: Special Needs: Co-Chairs Anne Lindsay (613) 489-1267, Catharene Smith (613) 838- 3888, Vice: Jenny MacKinnon (613) 314-4350


Class 106: 4H: Chair: Cindy Brown (613) 838-3081 School Program: Chair: Denise Crawford (613) 838-2930; Vice: April Milroy

Richmond Fair 175th: Sheri Kavanagh (613) 601-2296, Denise Crawford, Laura Boyd, Anne Lindsay, Brenda Thomas, Nigel Moorcroft, Aida Attar, Fran Rea

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