Youth (12 yrs & under)
1 to 10 HP
11 to 16 HP
5 to 6 HP
7 to 8 HP
9 to 10 HP
11 to 12 HP
13 to 14 HP
15 to 16 HP
Red Neck
1 to 10 HP
11 to 18 HP

Rules & Regulations

Registration - 6:00 p.m., Pull - 7:00 p.m. Sharp

  1. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated before and during the pulls.
  2. No registration will be accepted after the first pull of the classes has started.
  3. All tractor drivers must show safe manners and control of their tractors on and off the track. Aggressive driving or excess speed will not be tolerated.
  4. The tractor driver must obey the official flagman or will immediately be disqualified. The flagman will have a green flag to indicate start and a red flag to indicate stop. The flagman’s decision is final.
  5. There will be a driver’s meeting before each pull to discuss the pulling schedule and code of ethics.
  6. Drivers may compete with more than one tractor per class.
  7. When registering tractors, drivers 16 years of age and younger must have a parent or guardian sign parental consent on the entry form provided.
  8. Drivers must wear a helmet for all classes. Only helmets approved for snowmobiles or motorcycles will be permitted.
  9. If there is a mower deck attached to the tractor no wheel weights are permitted. If there is no mower deck attached to the tractor manufactured garden tractor wheel weights are permitted. Front and rear wheels may be loaded with liquid to enhance traction.
  10. If weights detach from tractor during a pull instant disqualification will be enforced.
  11. All tractors must be two wheel drive, driven by rear wheels. Dual wheels, chains, or studs are not permitted. Chevron cut tires are not permitted. Agricultural type tires or turf tires are permitted.
  12. Stock or Redneck tractors can use a stock hitch or modified hitch no higher than 13". Any hitch must have a 2" hole to allow for the entry of a hook.
  13. Exhaust pipes must be pointed up or down, not towards spectators.
  14. All tractors must have adequate braking systems.
  15. The maximum width permitted for tires is 10.5".
  16. Wheelie bars are highly recommended for safety precautions.
  17. If there are any deviations to the rules highlighted above the tractor and driver will be registered to the Red Neck classes.
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