The Richmond Fair is unique in that it is by far the largest spectator event held annually within the surrounding community.

It promotes agricultural awareness within the City of Ottawa, a city with the largest agricultural land base and agricultural economy in Canada. The fair offers a venue for those in the community to showcase their arts, crafts, livestock, produce, etc. It is also an ideal place for hooking up with friends and neighbours.

Although the fair’s mandate has been to promote agricultural awareness within the community, the other non-agricultural events from previous years such as the demolition derby, live music shows, aerial shows, rock climbing, reptile shows, BMX bike shows, etc. provide a vast array of entertaining events for the whole family.

Sunday September 18th, 2016

If you SING, DANCE or PLAY, and are between the ages of 6 and 21, then the Rise 2 Fame Youth Talent Search is looking for you.

This year cash prizes will be awarded to the top three youths in both the the 6-12 year and 13-21 year old classes. Entries for the competition must be received on or before Monday September 16th, 2016.

2015 Rise2Fame Winners
1. Reid & Kelsey
2. Ainsley Phillips
3. Priscilla Munevar-Pelton
1. Fiona Grace
2. Samuel Nkanza
3. Ready - Step - Go

Over 30 different committees are involved in planning the Richmond Fair and other non-fair events held on the fairgrounds throughout the year. If you are looking for a way to give back to your community, come out and join us as a volunteer on one of our committees. Our annual fall fair is supported through fundraising events, donations & partnerships from individuals and businesses throughout our community.

The History of Richmond Fair A Country Experience

The history of Richmond Fair began in 1844, an exhibition presented by the County of Carleton Agricultural Society, called Carleton County Fair, and located in Bytown, Bell Corners, and Richmond.

The history illustrates examples of country life, volunteers over time who were at odd times self-serving, but at most times community serving, and stories which will show how some things never change.

So sit back, relax, and absorb the facts and stories attached to the history of Richmond Fair Where Town & Country Meet.

Information compiled by Marlene Lowry Greene

Books are available at a cost of $15 from the Richmond Fair Office (see below).

We would like to again thank all previous years’ sponsors, patrons, visitors & volunteers. You all make our fair a success and hope you will be able to support us again this year.

To become a volunteer of the Richmond Fair,
contact David Brown at 613-325-1631 or
send an email to volunteerrichmondfair@gmail.com

Richmond Agricultural Society
P.O. Box 1210, Richmond, ON   K0A 2Z0
Tel: 613-838-3420   Fax: 613-838-3933

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